• The rooms are to be delivered from 13:00 until 20:00, except for the different needs of our guests, and you will be happy to receive a notification of your arrival time and any delays.
  • Breakfast will be served in the breakfast room between 07:30 and 9:30. On the day of your departure, the rooms must be vacated no later than 10 am to allow the cleaning staff to do the cleaning. Of course, guests can continue their visits or shopping and leave their luggage in custody.
  • To the customer who, for improper use, neglect or negligence, damages to the structure, its equipment or the objects in use, will be charged the amounts necessary for repairs, replacements and cleaning of the case. For statutory subtractions, we will proceed to Law Standards.
  • Upon arrival in the B & B, the validity of the identity documents (Passport, Identity Card) required for the registration required by the applicable law shall be provided. Failure to comply with this obligation constitutes a breach of the Criminal Code and allows us to request the immediate abandonment of the B & B.
  • It is strictly forbidden to receive visits and additional guests other than those staying there.
  • It is recommended to use the toilet correctly, avoiding throwing anything in the toilet, recalling that there are special baskets. It is also recommended to turn off lights and air conditioners whenever they leave the room; And to maintain a reasonable temperature in the rooms
  • Any damage will have to be declared and paid immediately to the property manager. Any charges in case of customer default, including minibar consumables, will be applied directly using the credit card details provided by the customer at the time of booking.
  • In the event of the keys being lost the guests are required to pay them.

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